Ann McConvey is now at Archer Dental Rosedale

Ann McConvey_sm
Ann McConvey_sm

Ann McConvey is now helping Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer in two different locations. You can catch Ann McConvey helping Dr Archer at either Archer Dental Rosedale, located at 600 Sherbourne Street suite 808 (across from Sherbourne subway station), or at Archer Dental Runnymede, located at 625 Runnymede Road with plenty of economical parking.

Teeth Cleaning and Oral Hygiene

Ann McConvey has lots of experience and an unmistakeable chair-side manner.  Her knowledge, skill and gentle manner is what has grown her practice over many years.

She has a loyal group of patients that have followed Ann over the years.  Working for many years with the  late Dr. Judith Dixon-Moody, Ann has moved her downtown practice to the Rosedale Medical Building at the corner of Bloor and Sherbourne.  For all of the patients looking for Annie..."I'm here and in my new home."  Feel free to call her at our office 416.964.9070 and ask to speak with her.  She'd be delighted to connect with you.