Toronto Dentist Dr. Archer Judges Miss Teen Canada -World in Toronto

Toronto Dentist Dr. Natalie Archer was a judge a 2012 Search for Miss Teen Canada –World on Sunday July 15th 2012. She hobnobbed with Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner and helped pick the 2012 Miss Teen Canada World, Megha Sandhu.

Dr Archer was also a mentor to all contestants on Miss Teen Canada Mentor Night

Dr Archer, Mentor, Miss Teen Canada, Delegates, youthIt was a hot Sunday evening and the hotel air conditioning unit was set to maximum cool in the Sutton Suite conference room of the Westin Bristol airport hotel.  Dr Archer made the trip out there that evening to lend her charm and leadership as Event Moderator in a unique first annual Miss Teen Canada - World Mentor Night.

As a trusted Moderator, Dr. Archer introduced three other speakers before taking her turn at the podium. She introduced Melani Chong, Katrina Hadden, and Alexandra Orlando in that order. The event lasted two hours with questions and photo mingling afterwards.

Mentors are important. In our increasingly advanced technological society, our education system struggles to keep up. Youth can get confused. Most teens can get really anxious and slightly overwhelmed by all that’s expected of them in the race to succeed. Mentors are there to point a clear way forward.Dr Archer volunteers to be Mentor at Search for Miss Teen Canada World

A much loved Toronto dentist, Dr. Natalie Archer D.D.S. showed the Miss Teens the possibility of creating a satisfying career in the sciences.

Dr. Archer talked about the true value of getting a top quality education as being a decision that preserves choices.  Having a good University degree and being smart and well schooled is something the 'nobody can ever take away from you'.  Life is indeed a very long journey.

Best Toronto dentist, 2012 Miss Teen Quebec, Megha Sandhu with Dr Natalie Archer DDS, Half way through the presentation, Dr. Archer  described her son's most recent fascination with spiders and how he has taught her a few things about these Arachnids and even more about her own life. She related an interesting story about these creatures and how and why they spin their webs.  She said that each of the teens listening should also be building their web out in all directions because nobody in the room can ever be really sure about which direction their lives will take, and where they get their first all-important opportunities. You can peruse some of the best Miss Teen Canada World Mentor blogs in this Squidoo lens (coming soon).

Many of the girls were very impressed and took copious notes with Dr. Archer and the Teens saw her as a real role model in being able to "have it all" as a professional and mother of two with extensive community work.   Dr. Archer was straight as an arrow living up to her name  in giving the Miss Teens real personal advice about the importance of personal life choices and planning but also was powerful in her message for these young women to be strategic  to think BIG from a  business perspective .   The teens also had an awe for Melani Chong and most hope to have a life that's equal to or even half as exciting and glamourous as hers. Plenty of girls took pictures of the Katrina Hadden, well  known for the Dove Esteem campaign and her modelling work; a contributor to the best selling self-help book “Making it in High Heels” and life coach Katrina Hadden has had quite a life already. She passed along memories as notes to young people to internalize and carry forth as their own wisdom. She talked about body image and how to measure success. Third in the line-up, Alexandra Orlando described her challenges and hurdles as an Olympic Athlete that she overcame to succeed and included some powerful poetry.

Dr. Archer shared some of her secrets to leading a more balanced life.  In the tiny clip below Dr. Archer answers the question " How and when did you know you were ready to start having a family?" She is describing how she was over thirty years old when she had her first child.  At that time she was a few years out of school, recently married and had a good business opportunity to starting a business - her own dental practice. You would think this would be a terrible time to have children, and yet she tells the girls to take calculated business risks just as she did.  It was that first big business move that started her successful career path and likely without that particular business opportunity decision at that exact time, "she would not be at here at the podium tonight."   Dr. Archer spoke from the heart encouraging them to plan, choose carefully in important decisions and wanting them to have a complete and balanced life with no regrets as a senior citizen.

Its a very short clip but it shows the Miss Teens learning from these speakers - Mentor Night was a very positive experience for everyone involved.