Dr. Archer Zooms into the 2012 Zoomershow in Toronto

2012 Toronto Zoomer Show, Direct Energy Bldg, Exhibition Place, Fresh back from the ZoomerShow at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, we're really excited to reconnect with all the wonderful people we met at the Show. There were two hundred and fifty exhibitors here this weekend, and almost eighteen thousand attendees, and I feel like we talked to every one of them. It was a vortex of energy second only to Hurricane Sandy which stole some of thunder and swept the parking lots outside the Direct Energy Centre with rain and misery. But inside the complex, folks were warm and dry and absolutely wowed by the 5th annual ZoomerShow and all that it has become...

For two days frseniors dentist, Toronto, trade show, zoomers, qualityom October 27th-28th, 2012, myself and my team took station at our booth to meet and speak with hundreds of Zoomers about the importance of dental care. The Zoomers we met were enthusiastic about our educative and preventative approach to dentistry and were thrilled to receive complementary samples of toothpaste , dental floss and other oral care products including Biotene's dry mouth rinse.

We were extra fortunate to find our booth was located beside the Active Zone.  This area was really rocking with Zumba demonstrations and Tai Chi workshops which really got the crowd moving and trying various aerobic exercise routines.

The ZoomerShow is a lifestyle expo for men and women aged 45 plus.  There were over two hundred and fifty exhibitors featuring everything from health advice, money management tips, travel destinations, and lifestyle.

From our spot near the Active Zone, we could see a large section of the floor and we found ourselves moving our hips and dancing to the music, as we spent two days talking to folks about oral health.

Zoomers need to be aware that there is a direct connection between oral health and your overall health. Perhaps it threw some off guard to see myself and my staff at a show like this, but then again we are not your typical dentists and we made a lot of friends here.

The mantra at this event is that if it's hot and it's important, and if it can benefit people age 45+ then it's welcome at the ZoomerShow!

Zoomers are Baby Boomers age 45 - 60 and older. It's a vast group

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of more than 14.5 million and accounts for 44 percent of the population, while controlling more than 70 percent of Canadian wealth. Moses Znaimer says that Zoomers were the labour surplus generation in the fifties and sixties that have now retired but remain a dominant force in our world economy and popular culture.

Zoomers trade show, talk, seniors dentist, invalid patientThe key to staying young is staying fit and making smart choices; the 2012 Toronto Zoomershow was all about showcasing healthy lifestyle options.

There were crepes made with fruit and honey and free yogurt cups and all manner of protein bars and nutrient supplements being distributed to attendees.

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It does seem a little out of the box, but here at Rosedale Family Dental Care and at my other clinics we do things differently and you can depend on us to be attentive and helpful for your oral health whatever age group or demographic you dance with.

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