Dr. Archer Renovates and Creates Archer Dental

Post by on Oct 8, 2013

dr Archer behind boxes of electriCAL EQUIPMENTI don't know if you've been by Rosedale Family Dental Care lately, but Toronto dentist Dr. Natalie Archer DDS is expanding her office, and at the same time re branding her successful business as Archer Dental.  It's a miracle makeover and manifest destiny, and I think she's done well to stay open during renovations, which can be uncomfortable for any business.  And now there's a real excitement in the air around here as developers near completion ...

It all started back in January 2013, when Dr Archer bought the office unit next to her clinic on the eighth floor of the Rosedale Medical Centre at 600 Sherbourne St at Bloor, right across from the Sherbourne subway station.

When I visited on Tuesday Oct 1st 2013, it was business as usual even though two of four operatories were still under construction.

Dr Archer in Transition, dental office expansionHere's Dr Archer trying to look natural as I pose her behind some old boxes full of electrical equipment in her number two operating station, still under development and unequipped for anything except a spontaneous photo shoot.  Look around in here, there are many challenges in just this one room - think about the many different types of plumbing and electrical engineering that's required to complete this workspace, and all the pipes and wires needed in here to support the medical professionals at work.

Just last week I had a dental emergency

I had a terrible toothache that was driving me mad and Dr Archer helped me out, and I got to look around her expanding dental office and shoot pictures of her managing this challenging time in her business evolution.Rob Campbell in Dental Office, Dr Archer, Dentists Chair, Rosedale Family Dental Care

Here's me Rob Campbell climbing into a Dec 500 dentist chair at Archer Dental

All four new operatories will have Dec 500 dental chairs in white leather, these are very comfortable innovations for both patents and dental staff as the design allows the dentist to get closer to the patient for their own comfort.

flatscreen xray, Dentist examines tooth decay, Dr Archer, Toronto dentist, hi-tech dentistThere are flat screens in every operatory and patients may watch CP24 with volume set to low while they wait for appointment to begin, or even during a cleaning or minor surgery. The excellent part about having a lightweight flat screen television in front of the patient's eyes is that the dentist can also use it to explain X-rays and charts and even tap into the feed to use the screen during microsurgery . This is advanced technology for a Toronto dentist office, and another way that Dr Natalie Archer at Archer Dental is pioneering new standards of patient care in Toronto. my teeth dentist, Toronto, dental clinic, molar, cleaning, Rosedale I had to laugh when I spotted her administrator office in the back closet! Here's Dwayne Moore working the phones and booking appointments in what will someday be a staff lounge and kitchen.  a make shift office inside the kitchen of the dental officeThere's a lingering aroma of pizza lunch in the air and his table vibrates in the resonate hum of compressors and refrigerator motors - there are many distractions and inconveniences in this temporary set-up that must make this a very challenging work environment indeed.. but it isn't for much longer. Ha ha this is a moment in time that all Archer Dental staff will not soon forget, and I'm glad I was there to get these pictures and record these moments for posterity.

Dr. Natalie Archer in Toronto, Archer Dental, 1 Oct 2013Dr Natalie Archer has created a new business entity called Archer Dental and set about the task of advancing dental care in the City of Toronto by first making and polishing this perfect home base.

Look for the official Archer Dental grand opening party, and subsequent blog posts here, later this year.