Dr. Archer Shares Helpful Oral Hygiene Tips on Rogers Daytime Television

Rogers Daytime TV host Melanie Case and Dr Natalie Archer on Barrie cable TVToronto dentist Dr. Natalie Archer was interviewed live on Rogers Daytime on the morning of Thursday Feb 7th 2013, in Barrie, Ontario.  In a ten minute long interview, the dentist detailed five different ways to maintain proper oral health.  These are simple rituals that anyone can easily incorporate into their daily routine and possibly live longer and achieve better overall health because of these five dental exercises. Dr. Archer describes the mouth as the 'window to the human body' as she stresses how important it is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, clear of food, sugars and free of decay. Proper oral hygiene is a very important ingredient in everyone's overall health.

Rogers Daytime Host Melanie Case did a great interview with the dentist as Dr. Archer described her favourite easy-to-perform and highly effective tactics for maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.

Live a longer healthier life because of these five simple oral hygiene tips:

Dr Archer shares five simple tips for maintaining oral hygiene,

  1. RINSE WITH SALTWATER     Prepare a salt water solution of two shakes of (sea) salt in a small dixie cup filled with warm water. Rinse your mouth with the mixture in the mornings to quickly and efficiently kill all the bacteria that may be in your mouth.
  2. ergonomically advanced toothbrush for caregivers, USE FLOSS PICKS     Keep and use the small plastic floss picks after meals. Ritualize a brief cleaning during the day.
  3. USE A BETTER TOOTHBRUSH     Use new ergonomically advanced toothbrushes to help reach those hard to clean areas of your mouth. These special tooth brushes can really help caregivers clean the teeth of elderly or those with dexterity and mobility issues.
  4. PRACTICE THIS TONGUE TRICK    Dr Archer shares a tongue trick to relax all the joints in your mouth - press your tongue against the back of your front two teeth.
  5. EAT FOODS TO INCREASE SALIVA FLOW    Snack on natural foods that increase saliva levels in your mouth by stimulating your salivary glands to be more active, naturally. More saliva is critical to better dental hygiene.


Post by Robert Campbell on Feb 12, 2012