Dr Archer Sponsors Good Dental Habits Photo Contest

good dental habitsToronto dentist, downtown, Dr Natalie archerEarlier this spring Dr Natalie Archer DDS sponsored a Good Dental Habits photo contest on Lenzr, which is a serial photo contest website that harnesses business to make art. Dr Archer did this for a number of reasons:  First, she wanted to build awareness for her services in the digital contest space, which is very busy and quite good for making Google friendly links to her website. Secondly, she wanted to license the photo feed and make a visual repository of images on her website and third she hoped to learn some new and unusual methods of keeping teeth clean and healthy, and then to share these ideas with her readership here on the website.  The contest was big success on all three fronts!  You can see the images we collected here in the Good Dental Habits photo gallery.

"What are some of the things you do that protect and preserve your brilliant white smile?" she asked, "Do you have any outrageously healthy dental habits?"

Dr Archer and Rob Campbell, from Rob dental make over testimonialThe challenge was set to find images that really wow other web users and make them think about their own quirky dental habits.  Maybe not just the bathroom teeth brushing, although such images were certainly accepted and the practice was definitely encouraged, but people wearing mouth guards playing sports and using night guards to prevent their teeth grinding. And how about close-ups of people using flossing picks to get small pieces of meat and doughy bread stuck between their teeth?  The more creative a solution to fighting cavities the users could dream up, the better score they received in the voting, and from the seven judges who picked one winner from the top ten images collected.

Lastly, all submitters were reminded to use the 140 character caption to tell a story about their particular dental habits.  The Judges are photographers too and they were looking for quality images and short 140 character stories.

Mary Mah won the prize - an Apple iPad2

starting early, Mary Mah, good dental habits, photo contest winner

This contest ended at 12:01am on March 1st, 2012 with a user named Mary Mah being celebrated as #1 submitter. Here is a picture of her grandchild which she titled, Starting Early.

Thanks Mary for this terrific image and we sure do hope you enjoy your wonderful prize as much as we enjoy your photo.

Below is the 2nd runner-up which is also a very impressive picture - this is a very purple plaque attack! purple teeth Thanks to all the people who participated in this wholesome contest for making a repository of good images that will help convey good ideas and easy-to-implement dental habits that are sure to help save teeth and protect healthy smiles.