Challenge: How well do you know your dental facts?

Do you know your dental facts? This Monday, we thought it would be fun to do a little dental True or False quiz. We'll be giving away a secret surprise. *Hint: it's something you can use to clean your teeth with...

Quiz Timeline:

  1. Fill in your answers to the questions in the comments section below.
  2. Next Monday, we'll draw a winner from everyone that provides the correct answers, and announce the answers, the prize and the winner!

Here are the questions:

1) True or False?: Halitosis is the term for bad breath

2) True or False?: The romans invented flossing

3) True or False?: Halitosis, tooth decay and periodontal disease are the top three reasons for seeking dental services

Submit your answers below! Stay tuned for the answers, the prize and the winner on next Monday!

Good luck!