What is the Right Age to Start Bringing Your Child to the Dentist?

Children and the dentist I get asked this question a lot at the clinic and rather than addressing it in our “Ask Dr. Archer” section, I thought I would dedicate a post to this particular topic.

I tell my patients that there is no particular age that they should start bringing their children into the clinic. It is better to gauge by when the child is interested.

I suggest that my clients bring their child along when they are coming in for their own dental appointment, that way the child can see what's going on, and we can let him or her take a seat in our big red dental chair. Kids love it!

If they get in the chair, great. If they're comfortable enough, then we can take a look inside their mouth and just count their teeth. If not, it's not a big deal. Without the pressure of doing anything serious, they will be much more likely to be excited about visiting the dentist the second time around for their own visit, and hop right into the chair.

All of us here at Rosedale Family Dental Care clinic pride ourselves on making going to the dentist an exciting experience for children. We have a 'treasure chest' at the office that is filled with goodies for children to dig through when they are finished their appointment, and it's a big hit. Our goal is to ensure that every child's dentist visit is positive, fun and rewarding.

Did you like visiting the dentist as a child? Growing up, I loved going to the dentist, but then my uncle was my dentist, so he made it a fun experience for me. He may even have inspired me to be a dentist today. I'm proof that not all kids hate the dentist. Who knows, if you're son or daughter enjoy the experience enough, it may inspire them to be a dentist as well.

- Dr. Natalie Archer